Motorcycle transport

Arrange reliable and affordable motorcycle transport with AnyVan to get a better service for less. We’re comprised of expert vehicle transport partners who’ve moved thousands of motorcycles and scooters over the years. Get in touch for an instant price, free basic compensation cover up to £50k for fire & theft (in accordance with our Ts&Cs), and a dedicated transport coordinator to give you 100% peace of mind. Organising motorcycle delivery on a newly bought or sold bike should be a straightforward task, given their size. However, if you need to get your machine from one place to another without risking damage of your own doing, or without actually riding it, AnyVan’s delivery services are the easiest option. Using a professional transportation service is preferable to the DIY route. Find out why by using our five-star motorcycle transport service.

Motorcycle transport with the experts

Prepare Your Motorbike for Transport

Before your motorcycle collection/pickup takes place, we recommend you prepare for the transport.  If you follow these steps, you can significantly reduce the risk of issues.


  • Cleaning: This isn’t so it looks nice on the back of a trailer.  Cleaning your motorcycle will help you notice any damage or scratches that might have been previously hidden.  What’s more, any dust or dirt on the bike can contribute to scratching paintwork during handling and moving.  


  • Note damage: Noting any nicks or scrapes on your bike and documenting them with photographs will let you see if your bike has been damaged during transportation once it reaches its destination.


  • Fluids: Depending on the policy of the motorbike transport company you may or may not have to drain oil and petrol from your bike.  This helps avoid any potential leakages and is best from a safety perspective. If the bike is to be ridden at all during its transit, then you will of course need to keep some fuel in the tank.


  • Tyres: Make sure tyres are properly inflated to help prevent damage to rims.  This also makes the bike easier to move.


  • Extras: Before the bike move, make sure there are no loose panels, or any accessories left on the bike that could easily come off during transit.


If you’re transporting your bike with its keys it can be worth tying them to the bike itself.  If the transporter is going to ride your motorcycle on public roads at some point make sure it’s in working order, taxed and valid MOT.

Your chosen motorcycle delivery firm will give you a courtesy call when they are near the collection and delivery points so that you can help ensure you are in.  Many transport firms on Shiply have completed thousands of motorbikes in their careers and so are very experienced.  So, don't be afraid to ask them any questions if you have any queries or concerns.

Check Motorbike Condition & Leave Customer Feedback

Once your motorcycle transport is complete and it arrives at its destination, make sure you or the bike’s new owner performs a thorough check to be sure the vehicle has not been damaged at all in transit.  Any issues should be taken up with the transporter and insurance companies immediately.

When you picked your motorcycle transport provider on Shiply, no doubt you will have read the customer feedback and relied on their feedback score percentage when making your decision.  So, please help others in the future do the same, by leaving feedback once your delivery is complete.